TMS Media Coverage

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has been featured in several prominent news publications highlighting its success in treating depression. Among these publications are: National GeographicScientific AmericanPsychiatric TimesHarvard HealthMen’s Health, and Forbes. See below for more news stories discussing the latest applications of TMS Therapy.

For more news articles featuring TMS, please see NeuroStar’s Press Coverage page

ADDitude: Treatment for Depression and ADHD: Treating Comorbid Mood Disorders Safely
Medscape: FDA Grants TMS Device Breakthrough Designation for Bipolar Depression
Medical News: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Depression
KiviTV: FINDING HOPE: A new way to fight depression
Psychiatric Times: Bipolar Disorder: Practice-Changing Trials from 2019
Fox 5: After 20 Years of Depression, Georgia Woman Findas a Breakthrough: TMS
IV Daily News: Clinical Study Suggests Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Effective for Insomnia
WTOV9: Special Assignment: Life-changing Treatment
Duke University School of Medicine: Feng leads research on motor recovery therapy
EurekaAlert: TMS prevents anxiety-induced decrease in motor performances
Medical News Today: TMS may help where other therapies fail
Medical Xpress: Veterans in TMS for PTSD Study
The Doctor Weighs In: What You Need to Know About TMS for Depression
BBR Foundation: Combining TMS with Psychotherapy for Treating Depression and OCD
KDKA: New Technology To Treat Depression
Gazette: Treating major depression with eight weeks of TMS treatment
Harvard Health: An underused option for severe depression
Country Living: Everything you need to know about brain fog
Open Access Gov: Maternal Mental Health Treatments for Postnatal depression
Women You Should Know: Stomping Stigmas – My Real Talk
Spokesman-Review: TMS treatment and increasing mental health dialogue
MD Mag: Exploring TMS Therapy for Depressed Patients
Spokesman-Review: Mental-health journey a positive work in progress
Spokesman-Review: Mental-health journey a positive work in progress
Eureka: 2019 International Brain Stimulation Award winner announced
SELF: Brain Stimulation Therapies for Mental Health
Erie News Now: Treating Depression with Magnetic Waves
US Dept. of Veterans Affairs: VA is making breakthroughs in tech-centric mental health treatments
Chicago Health: Treating Depression