I’ve suffered on and off depression for years. While medication used to help in the past, there were always side effects which were bothersome as I got older. Recently all I got were side effects and no relief from the depression. We tried MAOI’s, combinations, SSRI’s, and NSRI’s, waiting patiently always trying to be hopeful. During this time I remained in therapy but with each failed response (which included exercise, herbs, and acupuncture) I became desperate. As my options decreased I began to have panic attacks. I called my insurance company’s helpline and they referred me to Dr. Deirmenjian. I could feel his compassion and desire to help. When he said I was a good candidate for TMS I felt a ray of hope. Dr. Deirmenjian and Cory were swift in advocating for me and my insurance company paid for the treatments. They made me feel like they cared at a time when I had run out of energy to care about myself. i trusted their expertise and judgement. Soon after, my friends and husband began saying “you’re back to normal!” But I didn’t feel completely myself until the last week of treatment. Patience and commitment are important! If you are in that pit of deep depression, let them give you a hand to get out! I had no side effects. Dr. Deirmenjian, Cory, and TMS are Godsends!

Beverly Hills Patient

Over the years I have been through many different doctors and many different antidepressants with no relief of my symptoms. I would lay in bed for days with the curtains drawn and not want to participate in any activities. My family was affected, my job was affected. I was passed over for multiple promotions. I was unable to focus on simple tasks and was difficult to get along with at home and at work.
My depression held me captive for decades. I suffered with many ups and downs. Mostly downs, lasting three weeks to six months at a time. My family feared of my potential suicide. I was in a deep, dark place. I hate to say it, but I shed no tears when my father passed or even my sister’s passing.

I was referred to Dr. Deirmenjian. Dr. D always listened to my needs, and got me on the correct medications and dosages. After a period of time, he recommended TMS. I met with his nurse Colleen. She went over the treatment plan and assured me she would be doing all treatments. She made me very comfortable, and the time went by so fast. I actually started looking forward to my daily treatments.
After treatment #25 I felt like layers were being lifted from my depression. The light reappeared behind my eyes. My loved ones noticed my excitement with life. Now, I look forward to getting out of bed. I am focused, I have more energy. I feel like I am living again. It’s been three months now, and I am feeling great. I wholeheartedly recommend TMS to others who are not responding to other forms of treatment for depression and want to get their life back.

Bridget L

I came across TMS therapy after searching the Internet for psychiatric alternatives to medication. I reached a point where taking pills was not working for me. If the medication had a good effect on my symptoms, it would often have terribly annoying side effects. I called the Premier TMS center and made an appointment for consultation. I had doubts whether my insurance would cover the service, but I was pleasantly surprised when the Center called and said that my insurance would cover it. Everything was easily set up and I started my TMS therapy. Dr. Deirmenjian and the office manager and tech, Cory, were extremely helpful in explaining the procedure and in answering my questions.

My first session with TMS was noticeable. I remember walking out of the building smiling. Every day after leaving the session was the same; there was a good feeling. The noticeable difference seemed to just appear in new patterns of behavior. I started calling friends and asking them if they would like to go have lunch or dinner. That was not typical of me. I had become very isolated in my depression.I feel that I have the normal level and threshold of emotions that most people have. It is the most “normal” I have felt in a long, long time.

I wish I would have found TMS sooner, but I’ll take what I have; that finally, the cycle of anxiety, insomnia, and depression have been stopped.