I just completed my 36 sessions of TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) in Beverly Hills to help with my mild-moderate depression and I am SO grateful to Dr. Deirmenjian and his assistant, Lucia!

I found Dr. Deirmenjian a few months ago (thru Neurostar. I wanted to find a Dr.’s office that has done TMS for a while and takes my insurance), as I have been seeking to navigate some complicated life circumstances, and wanted to improve how I feel once and for all. I have struggled with chronic pain and immense situational depression for years.  Since the first day I spoke with him, I immediately felt at ease with his kindness, professionalism, intelligence and incredibly calm voice and demeanor.

I feel a SIGNIFICANT improvement, as I have completed 36 seventeen-minute sessions of TMS.
I am starting to feel better than I have felt mentally in years, and truly feel that the sky is the limit for me (like I did years ago). I am so blessed to have Dr. Deirmenjian to keep up with, as needed, in order to create calm, health and freedom within my own nervous system again. I truly appreciated when he would check in on me and make himself available whenever I needed to talk. His kindness and empathy, along with his MANY diplomas/accolades, will always be appreciated and remembered by me.

I would also like to focus attention on his wonderful assistant, Lucia, who was there for me and setup every session! My part-time work schedule posed some challenges, but she so kindly accommodated my schedule, so we could complete the 6 weeks without interruption and so I wouldn’t have to take off work (I love what I do and couldn’t financially afford to take off work).
I truly valued her super-sweet personality and kindness every time I would see her.
She is applying for medical school and would be an incredible asset to the medical field!

Thank you again to Dr. Deirmenjian and Lucia, for their incredible efforts to bring me back to *feeling* and *loving* my life again.  I am getting teary eyed as a write this and will be forever thankful to have found them.

I feel relieved and elated to have Dr. Deirmenjian and his TMS center in Beverly Hills and the in my corner!
Thank you deeply!

Beverly Hills Patient