I’ve always been a resilient person who could manage to get past hard times with the help of friends, family, and hobbies. It wasn’t until recently that I struggled to get back on the horse from a traumatic event, and anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications were having very little positive effect on me. After giving the medicines a try, my psychiatrist, Dr. John Deirmenjian, recommended TMS therapy as an alternative treatment. I had already been curious about TMS but knew very little. I would look at the brochure that showed the MRI scans of what your brain looks like when it’s depressed compared to when it is functioning properly, and it resonated with me, as even the most mundane tasks proved to be challenging for me, and I could not focus as well as I used to prior to my depression.

With nothing to lose, I decided to try TMS therapy in Glendale.  After my first session with Dr. Deirmenjian and his nurse Amy, I felt an immediate energetic shift. I felt a motivation that I have not felt in a very long time.  Even my family members and close friends noticed a change in my voice after one session. I was told that most people would need a few weeks before they would see a difference, but I was lucky enough to experience a difference right away. As each session went by, week after week, I started to feel like my old self again—the person that looked forward to seeing her friends and making them laugh with silly jokes. I began to feel hopeful again. I was so listless and hopeless prior to TMS, so to have my drive back has been essential to me getting better. It feels as though my brain has been recalibrated. TMS, accompanied with regular therapy sessions, has changed my life for the better. I am so thankful that I was one of the fortunate ones that was able to undergo TMS therapy with Dr. Deirmenjian. I know if I did not do TMS therapy, I would still be sitting at home depressed and hopeless. Thankfully, I am moving forward in a positive direction!

Glendale Patient