I’ve suffered on and off depression for years. While medication used to help in the past, there were always side effects which were bothersome as I got older. Recently all I got were side effects and no relief from the depression. We tried MAOI’s, combinations, SSRI’s, and NSRI’s, waiting patiently always trying to be hopeful. During this time I remained in therapy but with each failed response (which included exercise, herbs, and acupuncture) I became desperate. As my options decreased I began to have panic attacks. I called my insurance company’s helpline and they referred me to Dr. Deirmenjian. I could feel his compassion and desire to help. When he said I was a good candidate for TMS I felt a ray of hope. Dr. Deirmenjian and Cory were swift in advocating for me and my insurance company paid for the treatments. They made me feel like they cared at a time when I had run out of energy to care about myself. i trusted their expertise and judgement. Soon after, my friends and husband began saying “you’re back to normal!” But I didn’t feel completely myself until the last week of treatment. Patience and commitment are important! If you are in that pit of deep depression, let them give you a hand to get out! I had no side effects. Dr. Deirmenjian, Cory, and TMS are Godsends!

Beverly Hills Patient