I came across TMS therapy after searching the Internet for psychiatric alternatives to medication. I reached a point where taking pills was not working for me. If the medication had a good effect on my symptoms, it would often have terribly annoying side effects. I called the Premier TMS center and made an appointment for consultation. I had doubts whether my insurance would cover the service, but I was pleasantly surprised when the Center called and said that my insurance would cover it. Everything was easily set up and I started my TMS therapy. Dr. Deirmenjian and the office manager and tech, Cory, were extremely helpful in explaining the procedure and in answering my questions.

My first session with TMS was noticeable. I remember walking out of the building smiling. Every day after leaving the session was the same; there was a good feeling. The noticeable difference seemed to just appear in new patterns of behavior. I started calling friends and asking them if they would like to go have lunch or dinner. That was not typical of me. I had become very isolated in my depression.I feel that I have the normal level and threshold of emotions that most people have. It is the most “normal” I have felt in a long, long time.

I wish I would have found TMS sooner, but I’ll take what I have; that finally, the cycle of anxiety, insomnia, and depression have been stopped.

Beverly Hills Patient